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Lisa Perry RTW Fall 2019

Perry uses the Seventies as a way to anchor her fall collection.

Lisa Perry RTW Spring 2019

Designing for the purpose of happiness is key for Lisa Perry; for spring, she continued with lively colors in…

Lisa Perry RTW Fall 2018

For the fall 2018 season, Lisa Perry designed a vibrant and happy collection around circles and dots.

Lisa Perry RTW Spring 2018

Ten years in, Lisa Perry remains — unapologetically — Sixties obsessed, but she retains a firm grasp on the…

Lisa Perry RTW Fall 2017

For fall, Lisa Perry presented a happy, festive collection Influenced by artist Joan Miró.

Lisa Perry RTW Fall 2016

Lisa Perry continued her love of all things Sixties and Mod — even using a Polaroid to shoot her look book…

Lisa Perry Pre-Fall 2016

Pre-fall reflected Lisa Perry's repositioning to an advanced contemporary price point.

Lisa Perry RTW Spring 2016

Primary colors were the starting point for Lisa Perry for spring, combined with Mod-inspired silhouettes and…

Lisa Perry Resort 2016

The designer was in a blue mood for resort, giving her signature A-line silhouettes freshness with stripes…

Lisa Perry RTW Fall 2015

For fall, Perry continued her Sixties journey, but in a more modern way.

Lisa Perry Pre-Fall 2015

Sanitation and construction workers inspired Lisa Perry’s pre-fall collection.

Lisa Perry RTW Spring 2015

The creative juice came by way of Barnett Newman and Jackson Pollack, as seen through the Mod-ish lens of the…

Lisa Perry Resort 2015

Françoise Hardy was the key inspiration for the designer's resort collection, because she considers the…

Lisa Perry RTW Fall 2014

An Instagram encounter with Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson inspired Perry to collaborate with the artist and…

Lisa Perry Pre-Fall 2014

As her main inspiration, Perry cited a black-and-white photo of architect Philip Johnson standing with a…