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Loden Dager Men’s RTW Fall 2012

Paul Marlow still has youth and color on the brain but he took a step forward for fall, and his more…

Loden Dager Men’s Spring 2012

There were stripes galore, done in bright oranges, electric blues and neons.

Loden Dager Men’s RTW Fall 2011

Paul Marlow and Oliver Helden are experiencing growing pains by infusing a much-needed maturity in their…

Loden Dager Men’s RTW Spring 2011

The “Band of Bikers” inspiration was apparent in Loden Dager’s asymmetric zippers, studs and chain…

Loden Dager RTW Fall 2010

Intricate necklines on sweaters and a pant-cum-sarong combo were interesting, but other elements looked…

Loden Dager Men’s RTW Spring 2010

This design collective put its own spin on the global bazaar trend.

Loden Dager Men’s RTW Fall 2009

The collection was heavy on knits and hunting references.