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Loewe Women’s RTW Spring 2022

Bulging metal breastplates and broken-egg heels were all part of a psychedelic, surrealist collection.

Loewe Men’s Spring 2022

Early club culture inspired a colorful and experimental collection.

Loewe Women’s RTW Fall 2021

Designer Jonathan Anderson was charmed by the old-school idea of getting up in the morning and seriously…

Loewe Men’s Fall 2021

Giant pansies, big trousers and surreal artworks added up to a spirited collection.

Loewe RTW Spring 2021

Jonathan Anderson went big for spring, adding dramatic balloons of volume to dresses, coats, skirts — and…

Loewe Men’s Spring 2021

Jonathan Anderson's collection in a box perfectly expresses his brainy approach and flair for craft.

Loewe RTW Fall 2020

Jonathan Anderson doesn't always know where he's going. It's a pleasure to tag along for the trip.

Loewe Men’s Fall 2020

Jonathan Anderson said he liked the idea of a "fantasy wardrobe," of creating a playful, optimistic…

Loewe RTW Spring 2020

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Loewe Men’s Spring 2020

Anderson's men were dressed in lots of loose layers made for the wanderer, including a line up of shalwar…

Loewe RTW Fall 2019

Jonathan Anderson celebrated the intimacy of dressing in an exquisite collection.

Loewe Men’s Fall 2019

Jonathan Anderson's magpie sensibility was on display in his debut men's wear catwalk show for the brand.

Loewe RTW Spring 2019

Jonathan Anderson continued his exploration of craft in a chic collection that celebrated women as strong…

Loewe Men’s Spring 2019

Jonathan Anderson let his inner child run wild — through the jungle, into the sea and around to Loewe's home…

Loewe Fall 2018 RTW

Jonathan Anderson said he wished to "take out the noise," leaving behind a bounty of beautiful, varied and…