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Loris Diran Men’s Fall 2017

Loris Diran's travels to China and India inspired his fall collection.

Loris Diran Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Juxtaposition was the concept behind Loris Diran's spring collection.

Loris Diran RTW Fall 2010

Loris Diran certainly had his more mature clientele in mind when designing this collection of after-five…

Loris Diran Men’s RTW Spring 2010

In men’s, the unfocused mix of commercially viable day looks was insufficient to establish an identity for…

Loris Diran RTW Spring 2010

Though his collection had its moments, there were significant missteps.

Loris Diran RTW Fall 2009

Loris Diran’s rich collection features razor-sharp, classic tailoring in clean, wool suits and dresses…