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Lorry Newhouse RTW Spring 2015

In a surprising move, the designer introduced 740 for Lorry Newhouse on mannequins in the lobby of her…

Lorry Newhouse RTW Fall 2014

The upcoming Charles James show at the Met, the draping techniques of Madame Grès and the Forties served as…

Lorry Newhouse RTW Spring 2014

The best looks were two floral-printed gowns: a flowy sleeveless dress with a cowl-neck, and an organza…

Lorry Newhouse Resort 2014

The collection was at once romantic and breezy with a relaxed ease.

Lorry Newhouse RTW Fall 2013

Purple and red were pivotal in her fall collection, with an added urban dose of black and gray.

Lorry Newhouse RTW Spring 2013

All of the charm and delicacy of the designer's evening looks were here, the best being knee- or tea-length…

Lorry Newhouse Resort 2013

For her second collection, the designer said she went for a "French schoolgirl look."