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Lou Dalton Men’s Fall 2020

Dalton presented a collection of eleveated winter wear by using patchwork, jacquard and rich fall colors.

Lou Dalton Men’s Spring 2020

Lou Dalton continued to keep a sharp focus on "core products that have longevity."

Lou Dalton Men’s Fall 2019

Lou Dalton kept things real for fall and celebrated her community of friends, collaborators and clients.

Lou Dalton Men’s Spring 2019

Dalton wants to keep "building a core men's wear wardrobe" inspired by the men she knows — and the ones she…

Lou Dalton Men’s Fall 2018

Lou Dalton was inspired by the men in her life for fall.

Lou Dalton Men’s Spring 2018

The designer has worked hard at distilling her offer, focusing on a few core pieces with a street feel and…

Lou Dalton Men’s Fall 2017

The designer goes from strength to strength, and for fall she showed lineup of denim and knitwear that was…

Lou Dalton Men’s Spring 2017

Long walks in the moors inspired her spring outing, with silhouettes and details nodding to outdoor garb like…

Lou Dalton Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Lou Dalton's fall collection elegantly riffed on nautical style.

Lou Dalton Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Lou Dalton's collection took its cues from early Nineties ravers. But Dalton distilled the idea via precise…

Lou Dalton Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Lou Dalton showed a subdued collection of casual, tailored clothing with pops of color and lots of texture.

Lou Dalton Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Lou Dalton spiced her clean-lined, urban staples — including blazers, bombers and trench coats — with…

Lou Dalton Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Lou Dalton's focused collection had a worn-in, wistful feel, thanks to its faded-out colors and cozy…

Lou Dalton Men’s RTW Spring 2014

The designer turned her signature tailored jacket inside out and printed it with codes and lettering from…

Lou Dalton Men’s RTW Fall 2013

There were elegantly executed work wear references, seen in panels on the flanks and sleeves of boxy blazers…