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Louise Goldin RTW Spring 2014

The designer offered a sharp, minimalistic take on lawn-sport style.

Louise Goldin RTW Fall 2013

Riffing on the theme "fighting warriors" with the right subtle touch, the designer's strong looks included…

Louise Goldin RTW Spring 2013

This was the first New York showing for the London designer, who presented a more laid-back look than in her…

Louise Goldin RTW Fall 2010

The collection made a strong statement and cemented Goldin's reputation for taking her knit techniques into…

Louise Goldin RTW Spring 2010

This knitwear collection – which usually has a futuristic feel – took a Rococo turn this season.

Louise Goldin RTW Fall 2009

The designer continues to prove her signature knits are far from one-note.

Louise Goldin RTW Spring 2009

A palette of palest lilac, peach and icy blue gave Goldin’s robot-like pieces a softer edge.

Louise Goldin RTW Fall 2008

Goldin gave her knits a clever technical spin for fall, with pixilated images and luxe details...