Luar RTW Fall 2019

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Luar RTW Fall 2019

One of NYFW’s creative drivers. Raul Lopez continues to finesse his brand of deconstruction.

clock February 13, 2019Andrew Shang

Luar RTW Spring 2019

Fashion Show Reviews

Luar RTW Spring 2019

Lopez cleansed his palette of color and cited Dante’s “Purgatory” for a mix of street and renaissance, which he aptly calls “thot-aissance”.

clock September 14, 2018Andrew Shang

Luar Men's Fall 2018

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Luar Men’s Fall 2018

Raul Lopez looked to his past, and himself, to build this collection.

clock February 6, 2018Aria Hughes

Luar S Men's Spring 2018

Mens Fashion

Luar Men’s Spring 2018

The designer deconstructed some traditional men’s wear pieces.

clock July 13, 2017Jean E. Palmieri

Luar RTW Spring 2017

Fashion Show Reviews

Luar RTW Spring 2017

The uptown ball scene and downtown club scene made for one fun party on the Luar spring runway.

clock September 16, 2016Roxanne Robinson



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