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Luca Luca RTW Spring 2012

Creative director Raul Melgoza offered a pretty general source of inspiration for spring: “the sensuality and…

Luca Luca Resort 2012

Raul Melgoza said he imagined a journey through a Moroccan village for the brand's resort collection.

Luca Luca RTW Fall 2011

The overall mood was ladylike with plenty of glitz.

Luca Luca Pre-Fall 2011

Inspired by Faye Dunaway’s character in “The Thomas Crown Affair,” Raul Melgoza looked to the Sixties for…

Luca Luca RTW Spring 2011

Raul Melgoza injected a bit of youthful freshness into his generally grown-up clothes via optic prints.

Luca Luca Resort 2011

African meets Polynesian culture at Luca Luca as Raul Melgoza works with ethnic prints and ebony embroidery.

Luca Luca RTW Fall 2010

Raul Melgoza’s attempt to incorporate glam rock into Luca Luca’s narrative with silver lamé dresses and…

Luca Luca RTW Spring 2010

While Raul Melgoza's previous spring outing felt unfocused, this time the translation was clear, from a bold…

Luca Luca RTW Fall 2009

Save for a few silk and wool suits in moody purple, it was all about dresses at Luca Luca.

Luca Luca RTW Spring 2009

Raul Melgoza's first collection since taking the reins from founder Luca Orlandi could have used some…

Luca Luca Resort 2009

Ruffles and pleating and knotting, oh my! Focusing on ease and comfort for his ladies, Luca Orlandi turned…

Luca Luca RTW Fall 2008

Luca Orlandi seems to be a changed man who's finally heeding his most common criticism...