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Luisa Beccaria RTW Fall 2016

The collection combined the intimacy of leisurewear with the grandeur of historical costumes.

Luisa Beccaria RTW Spring 2016

Luisa Beccaria and her daughter Lucilla showed a spring collection that followed the house codes of romantic…

Luisa Beccaria RTW Fall 2015

Her fall collection blended diaphanous dresses with coats in men’s wear fabrics.

Luisa Beccaria RTW Spring 2015

The designer flirted with landscape design, staging her models like garden nymphs in the arches of a…

Luisa Beccaria RTW Fall 2014

The designer presented a fall lineup that stayed within her comfort zone.

Luisa Beccaria RTW Spring 2014

Fetching looks included an A-line silk and lace summer coat with ample kimono-inspired sleeves, and a simple…

Luisa Beccaria RTW Fall 2013

Inspired by the works of Cuban symbolist painter Federico Beltrán Masses, the designer injected a sensual and…

Luisa Beccaria Pre-Fall 2013

A romantic, feminine mood ran through the designer’s first pre-fall collection.

Luisa Beccaria RTW Spring 2013

The designer explored a beachy, Seventies bohemian look, saturating the lineup with her signature romantic…

Luisa Beccaria RTW Fall 2012

The designer’s fall collection was stocked with her familiar ultrafeminine fare.

Luisa Beccaria RTW Spring 2012

The collection played to the archetypal Italian woman, where the bombshell, housewife and good girl come…

Luisa Beccaria RTW Fall 2011

The designer bathed her familiar fare for the hopeless romantic in varying degrees of a warm glow of blush…

Luisa Beccaria RTW Spring 2011

Texture subtly provided a gravitas and modernity to the collection’s girly spring shapes.

Luisa Beccaria RTW Fall 2010

Luisa Beccaria sent out a nonthematic collection of individual pieces fashioned from her girly staples: lots…

Luisa Beccaria RTW Spring 2010

Luisa Beccaria stayed true to form with a romantic vision, along with a subtle sex appeal.