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Lutz Huelle RTW Spring 2023

"Decontextualization" specialist Lutz Huelle is having something of a moment.

Lutz Huelle RTW Fall 2022

Lutz Huelle proved himself a master of mixed metaphors.

Lutz Huelle RTW Spring 2022

The designer went for the idea that any activity, no matter how quotidian, is an occasion to dress.

Lutz Huelle RTW Fall 2021

The designer was after the ease of sportswear but in chic shapes, just in case you need to nip out.

Lutz Huelle RTW Spring 2021

Drawing up alternatives to sweatpants, Huelle offered hot pink pyjamas and taffeta housecoats.

Lutz Huelle RTW Fall 2020

Huelle was after clothing that gives emotion without overpowering — like old friends.

Lutz Huelle RTW Spring 2020

French and flirty, in the designer's description, the collection proved he is not neglecting his namesake…

Lutz Huelle RTW Fall 2019

Ditching jeans for jacquards, the designer marched further into bourgeois territory.

Lutz Huelle RTW Spring 2019

Polka dots, roses and alligator prints brought an extra dose of elegance to a strong, forward-looking…

Lutz Huelle RTW Fall 2018

The German designer continued to bring couture codes to streetwear.

Lutz Huelle RTW Spring 2018

The German designer built an upbeat collection that worked on bringing couture themes to the streets.

Lutz Huelle RTW Fall 2017

The designer continued playing with material and volume contrasts this season, while enhancing the luxury…

Lutz Huelle RTW Spring 2017

This upbeat, club-infused collection played on illusion and control.

Lutz Huelle RTW Fall 2016

Lutz Huelle's fall effort featured unusual volumes and clin d'œil effects.

Lutz Huelle RTW Spring 2016

Lutz Huelle used draping, pleating and cutouts to work his ideas of multipurpose clothing.