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L’Wren Scott RTW Spring 2014

The collection fused 16th century Japanese robes with L’Wren Scott’s own exacting style of dress.

L’Wren Scott RTW Fall 2013

Fabrics reached a new level of lavishness in this collection.

L’Wren Scott RTW Spring 2013

A David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London was a reigning influence for the designer…

L’Wren Scott Resort 2013

L’Wren Scott’s first resort collection, titled Propaganda, was a carefully considered outing.

L’Wren Scott RTW Fall 2012

Scott's fall collection conjured England in the early 1900s.

L’Wren Scott RTW Spring 2012

Fabrics had more texture than usual and Scott mixed them with great ease — lots of metallic brocades and rich…

L’Wren Scott RTW Fall 2011

Inspired by the palette and textures of Gauguin’s paintings, Scott demonstrated a wonderful, devil-may-care…

L’Wren Scott RTW Spring 2011

The pleasure of watching a L’Wren Scott show is that it appears as though the designer didn’t have to give…

L’Wren Scott RTW Fall 2010

Out marched 33 meticulous styles, all chic of the highest order, that seemed to follow an English dandy from…

L’Wren Scott RTW Spring 2010

A growing group of ideas has transformed Scott's terrific, seemingly personalized items into a bona fide…

L’Wren Scott RTW Fall 2009

A lineup of unapologetically body-conscious coats and sheaths or severely cut suits in leather, silk or wool.

L’Wren Scott RTW Spring 2009

L’Wren Scott always puts on a great show, and this time it was more about the clothes than ever, with a real…

L’Wren Scott RTW Fall 2008

A L'Wren Scott luncheon speaks to the elitism of the fashion gang...