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Lyn Devon RTW Spring 2016

Lyn Devon channeled Japanese zen for spring, with origami-inspired details and hand-painted botanical prints.

Lyn Devon RTW Fall 2015

Lyn Devon was succinct about her fall collection: “A concise, practical, dependable wardrobe — useful…

Lyn Devon RTW Spring 2015

The spring collection is a tasteful ode to kooky Sixties poolside style done in pastels.

Lyn Devon RTW Fall 2014

“Jackie O meets Margot Tenenbaum” was the designer's quick-hit sound bite for her fall collection…

Lyn Devon RTW Spring 2014

A recent trip to Morocco triggered the designer's interest in desert colors, pure lines and the symbolism of…

Lyn Devon RTW Fall 2013

The designer's fall collection hit all her hallmarks while drawing out a younger, more playful energy.

Lyn Devon RTW Spring 2013

The designer delivered her signature elegant sportswear with a classic polish and a south-of-the-border…

Lyn Devon RTW Fall 2012

Love in a cold climate — specifically, New York during the winter — was the designer’s fall…

Lyn Devon RTW Spring 2012

Lyn Devon imagined a wardrobe fit for an urban picnic with the debut of her spring collection.

Lyn Devon RTW Fall 2011

The designer has steadily carved out her niche in beautifully made clothes with an all-American upscale…

Lyn Devon RTW Spring 2011

Devon is a rare case of a young designer specializing in grown-up, flash-free clothes.

Lyn Devon RTW Fall 2010

This "Beatnik ballet" collection showed a fine balance between sharp tailoring and motion.

Lyn Devon RTW Spring 2010

Lyn Devon envisioned her spring collection as a “Roman Holiday” 2010, showing a strong lineup of luxe…

Lyn Devon RTW Fall 2009

Lyn Devon showed a beautifully controlled collection that flaunted the designer’s savvy take on what luxury…

Lyn Devon RTW Spring 2009

These were fuss-free clothes, crisp with a cool factor.