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M.Patmos RTW Fall 2019

After opening her Brooklyn store in the fall, Marcia Patmos designed her fall collection around what was…

M. Patmos RTW Spring 2019

Marcia Patmos infused a lightweight, cool feel to her spring collection through a fresh, colorful palette.

M.Patmos Resort 2019

Marcia Patmos' grant proposal for the 2018 CFDA + Lexus Fashion Initiative informed new techniques and ideas…

M. Patmos Resort 2018

The overall mood of the collection was light, breezy and located somewhere between the world of vacation and…

M. Patmos RTW Spring 2017

Marcia Patmos proposed transitional set dressing with plenty of textural elements.

M.Patmos Resort 2017

Marcia Patmos focused her collection on the idea of a modern-day heirloom.

M. Patmos RTW Fall 2016

For fall, Marcia Patmos aimed to provide "luxe layers that you can wear in a million ways."

M.Patmos RTW Spring 2016

Marcia Patmos took a trip to Cuba for spring, diverting a bit from her usual cozy, neutral-hued territory.

M.Patmos Resort 2016

Practicality was on Marcia Patmo' mind for resort as she offered up a collection of loungewear and outerwear…

M.Patmos RTW Fall 2015

Marcia Patmos always uses the most beautiful knits in the finest and most luxurious yarns for her label, and…

M. Patmos Pre-Fall 2015

Marcia Patmos cited a wide range of pre-fall influences, among them Thirties and Forties gangsters, and…

M. Patmos RTW Spring 2015

Collaborating with New York artist Ryan McGinness, Patmos played with layering and graphic motifs.

M. Patmos Resort 2015

For resort, Marcia Patmos envisioned an “Upper East Side woman who goes to Bushwick Open Studios for an…

M. Patmos RTW Fall 2014

The designer brought elements of Thirties Art Deco into her wearable — and saleable — fall collection…

M. Patmos Pre-Fall 2014

Marcia Patmos delivered a relaxed pre-fall collection comprised mostly of very wearable separates worked in…