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Magliano Men’s Spring 2023

There's a cinematic quality to Luca Magliano's meticulous take on downbeat chic.

Magliano Men’s Fall 2022

The collection brought to mind off-duty musicians, servicemen and assorted 1980s hipsters.

Magliano Men’s Spring 2022

Luca Magliano injected an easy-breezy vibe in this collection filled with commercially smart separates.

Magliano Men’s Fall 2021

Luca Magliano's video presentation was puzzling, but his collection filled with 1980s references was still…

Magliano Men’s Spring 2021

Luca Magliano referenced the Eighties aesthetic while addressing the themes of gender and identity.

Magliano Men’s Fall 2020

Luca Magliano unveiled an experimental, a bit rebellious take on classic tailoring.

Magliano Men’s Spring 2020

The old-soul designer has a knack for capturing a nostalgic, vintage, Eighties sensibility, here pushed…

Magliano Men’s Fall 2019

The subcultures of Bologna in the Eighties and the characters of an Andrea Pazienza comic book inspired the…