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Malo RTW Spring 2015

Nature was the focus at Malo, where the design team created fresh, graphic leaf patterns for spring.

Malo RTW Fall 2014

The energetic and effortless elegance of Lauren Hutton was the inspiration for the brand's…

Malo Men’s RTW Spring 2011

Malo had a sporty, optimistic feel this season with retro ultra-lightweight, layered knitwear and chunky…

Malo RTW Fall 2010

For its first collection under new creative director Saverio Palatella, Malo focused on its core cashmere…

Malo Men’s RTW Fall 2010

Cashmere was the driving force for designer Saverio Palatella’s first Malo offering of hand-knitted Fair Isle…

Malo RTW Spring 2010

Mondrian’s geometrics and Kandinsky’s vivid palette were the inspirations for Malo’s design…

Malo RTW Fall 2009

Alessandro Dell’Acqua kept things pretty and practical at Malo with snug-fit knit dresses.

Malo RTW Spring 2009

A racy affair, albeit in a hide-and-reveal kind of way, with cashmere knits rendered wispy and nearly sheer.

Malo RTW Fall 2008

Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi took their "O" theme and ran with it...