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Manish Arora RTW Spring 2020

The collection had an inclusivity theme this season.

Manish Arora RTW Fall 2019

The show would be a bit dramatic, but the clothes more basic — for his world, anyway — cautioned the…

Manish Arora RTW Spring 2019

The designer nudged the collection upmarket a notch, trimming away excess without losing any of its punch.

Manish Arora RTW Fall 2018

Hot pink and bright orange dominated a captivating, technology-infused lineup from the Indian designer.

Manish Arora RTW Spring 2018

Manish Arora's pastel-infused "Ready for Love" collection was a joyous riot of vintage-inspired psychedelic…

Manish Arora RTW Fall 2017

Manish Arora's "Cosmic Love" collection was a heavily adorned explosion of contrasting textures, patchworks…

Manish Arora RTW Spring 2017

The irreverent Indian designer turned the world multicolor.

Manish Arora RTW Fall 2016

"Twin Peaks on Haribo" was the title Manish Aora gave to his Western-inspired fall show.

Manish Arora
 RTW Spring 2016

Embellishment was key to Manish Arora's vibrant disco gypsy aesthetic for spring.

Manish Arora RTW Fall 2015

Arora's eye for detail was extraordinary and extended to his accessories.

Manish Arora RTW Spring 2015

For spring, the visual impact was galactic — literally — as Manish Arora imagined a woman traveling through…

Manish Arora RTW Fall 2014

Some of the designer's sugary references for fall were literal, such as the prints of giant popsicles…

Manish Arora RTW Spring 2014

The designer transformed Twenties flapper girls into candy ravers in his spring collection, which was…

Manish Arora RTW Fall 2013

The dense digital prints the designer showed for fall felt more current than ever.

Manish Arora RTW Spring 2013

The designer chose India to inform his spring lineup — yet not of the Bollywood variety.