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Mantù RTW Fall 2022

The brand refreshed its sartorial expertise and sober appeal with bolder incursions and eccentric accents.

Mantù RTW Spring 2022

The brand put the focus on a sophisticated, a but sensual femininity for next spring.

Mantù Pre-Fall 2021

Charming color combinations and sophisticated, flattering silhouettes updated Mantù approachable everyday…

Mantù RTW Spring 2021

For the next warm season, the brand found a new balance between everyday wearability and fashion desirability.

Mantù RTW Fall 2020

Juxtaposing mannish sartorial influences to feminine eccentric touches, the lineup offered the right mix of…

Mantù Resort 2020

Floral motifs, graphic details and mannish elements contributed to the refined sophistication of this…

Mantù Pre-Fall 2019

The chic feminine collection combined practical, quotidian styles with sophisticated evening options.

Mantù Resort 2019

The fluidity of water inspired the collection, which was filled with relaxed silhouettes, as well as…

Mantù Pre-Fall 2018

Mannish silhouettes, echoing a Seventies' atmosphere, took center stage in this elegant and wearable…

Mantu Resort 2018

At Mantu, seaside references gave the collection a serene tone.

Mantù Pre-Fall 2017

Seventies' references were incorporated in this collection, which offered a functional yet elegant wardrobe…

Mantù Resort 2017

An Italian Renaissance palace was the inspiration.

Mantu Pre-Fall 2016

A colorful lineup inspired by artist Sonia Delaunay, Mantu pre-fall was bright and graphic.

Mantù Resort 2016

Flowers bloomed all over dresses, suits and coats in Mantú's eclectic and playful resort collection.

Mantù Pre-Fall 2015

Led by Jane Hayward, Mantù’s design team imagined the stylistic journey of a woman moving through past…