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Mara Hoffman RTW Fall 2020

The designer presented a pretty collection, which felt both accessible and special.

Mara Hoffman RTW Spring 2020

A vibrant, summery Mediterranean vibe enhanced the effortless, feminine sensuality of Mara Hoffman's…

Mara Hoffman Resort 2020

Mara Hoffman sprinkled her grounded, utilitarian resort collection with "ta-da" like moments of color and…

Mara Hoffman RTW Fall 2019

The designer employed sustainable fabrics and processes to deliver a pretty collection of effortless chic…

Mara Hoffman RTW Spring 2019

The designer unveiled a covetable collection perfectly balancing sophisticated constructions and lightness.

Mara Hoffman Resort 2019

Mara Hoffman's latest collection fused safari and Sicilian undertones with purposeful pieces that aimed to…

Mara Hoffman RTW Fall 2018

The collection continued the designer's focus on sustainable fabrics and thoughtfulness in design.

Mara Hoffman RTW Spring 2018

Mara Hoffman presented a well-thought-out sustainable collection without compromising style.

Mara Hoffman Resort 2018

"The goal was small but impactful," explained Mara Hoffman of her newest, one delivery, refined resort 2018…

Mara Hoffman RTW Fall 2017

Mara Hoffman's fall show was a cross-section of fashion and activism, which translated as "comfort fashion,"…

Mara Hoffman RTW Fall 2016

Mara Hoffman imagined a fantastical dinner party attended by her fashion muses: Cher, Jerry Hall and Grace…

Mara Hoffman RTW Spring 2016

Cloudy blue skies, birds and rainbows took over Mara Hoffman's spring runway, living up to her reputation for…

Mara Hoffman RTW Fall 2015

Mara Hoffman got philosophical about our planet (and others) for fall.

Mara Hoffman RTW Spring 2015

Mara Hoffman was in a serene, easygoing mood for spring.

Mara Hoffman RTW Fall 2014

Hoffman culled inspiration from all things North African.