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Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2023

Marc Jacobs marked his return to the Park Avenue Armory with a stellar collection of couture-like…

Marc Jacobs RTW Fall 2022

The power of fashion and creativity proved strong from Jacobs once again.

Marc Jacobs RTW Fall 2022

A lesson about how much can be done with so little.

Marc Jacobs RTW Fall 2021

Simple, but with bravado, which has always been the American way.

Marc Jacobs RTW Fall 2020

Marc Jacobs' fall line was an in-depth treatise on sartorial refinement, highly considered and impeccably…

The Marc Jacobs Pre-Fall Resort 2020

The designer takes the cake with his items-based collection.

Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2020

Marc Jacobs' joyful spring collection ran the gamut from spare to out-there, reality to wonderment.

Marc Jacobs RTW Fall 2019

The designer's dramatic, lyrical fall show, which had a couture quality to it, was a haunting dialogue…

Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2019

Marc Jacobs' fall show was a tour de force of pure, unrelenting, magical fashion that ranged from…

Marc Jacobs RTW Fall 2018

With strong homage to Yves Saint Laurent, Jacobs sent out a collection with a call for real fashion.

Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2018

Everything on the designer's runway was exaggerated to the nth degree — proportion, color, prints and…

Marc Jacobs Resort 2018

A festive, pretty, mildly nostalgic collection embellished to capture beauty in motion.

Marc Jacobs RTW Fall 2017

Marc Jacobs' feisty, fun fall collection was inspired by early hip-hop here with a soupcon of Seventies…

Marc Jacobs RTW Spring 2017

For spring, Marc Jacobs threw a rave, all fever-pitched, frenetic fun.

Marc Jacobs Men’s Spring 2017

This spirited collection channeled the louche Seventies — again — with a soupçon of the go-go…