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Margaret Howell RTW Spring 2023

Margaret Howell showed an elegant lineup of men's, women's and unisex looks at her store on Wigmore Street.

Margaret Howell RTW Fall 2021

This coed collection took its cues from vintage Japanese and Italian military styles, and had a mix of sharp…

Margaret Howell RTW Spring 2021

Tweaks to these laid-back classics are often so subtle, it's difficult to tell where one season ends and…

Margaret Howell RTW Fall 2020

Most of the models are styled with fisherman hat and combat boots, presumably to weather the heavy rains from…

Margaret Howell RTW Spring 2020

The designer delivered another collection of pleasing and timeless wardrobe staples.

Margaret Howell RTW Fall 2019

Multicolored neckties, floral skirts and bright scarves added excitement to Margaret Howell's utilitarian…

Margaret Howell RTW Spring 2019

Howell switched up her relaxed tailoring with an array of new necklines.

Margaret Howell Women’s and Men’s RTW Fall 2018

Margaret Howell's timeless tailoring exudes an insouciant confidence.

Margaret Howell Women’s and Men’s RTW Spring 2018

Margaret Howell took polished design details and transformed them with her deft, always laid-back hand.

Margaret Howell Women’s and Men’s RTW Fall 2017

She said the muse for the season was confident, independent, casual and natural.

Margaret Howell RTW Spring 2017

The designer telegraphed a breezy, sometimes quirky, femininity.

Margaret Howell Men’s Spring 2017

This low-key lineup riffed on Fifties schoolboy silhouettes.

Margaret Howell RTW Fall 2016

For fall-winter, Margaret Howell slightly changed some of her proportions, with her classic tailored jackets…

Margaret Howell Men’s RTW Fall 2016

For fall, Margaret Howell let rust and mustard knitwear zhoosh up a somber palette of black, gray and navy.

Margaret Howell RTW Spring 2016

Some fashion editors and critics contend that a Margaret Howell show is unnecessary as they differ ever so…