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Marimekko RTW Fall 2020

Warm knits and pajamas are all you need after spending hours falling on the slopes.

Marimekko RTW Fall 2019

The brand's iconic Finnish flair for color and pattern met Japanese influences in this joyful collection.

Marimekko RTW Spring 2019

The bold spring collection featured a mix of archive prints and new creations, including a green-and-white…

Marimekko RTW Fall 2018

Marimekko's presentation was like a life-sized game of Snap, matching the print motifs with the silk screens…

Marimekko RTW Spring 2018

The Finnish brand used a bolt of the iconic Unikko poppy fabric to build a towering display of its printing…

Marimekko Fall 2017

Old and new prints on retro-tinged silhouettes telegraphed the Finnish equivalent of hygge.

Marimekko RTW Spring 2017

Creative director Anna Teurnell mixed pieces from the Finnish brand's archives with new designs.

Marimekko RTW Fall 2016

Anna Teurnell paired Marimekko's signature patterns with snuggly coats and knits.

Marimekko RTW Spring 2016

The label's first collection by Anna Teurnell went back to the essence of the Finnish house, mixing and…

Marimekko RTW Spring 2013

The brand’s signature bright pop art-inspired prints were fashioned into simple sundresses and shifts.