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Marios Schwab RTW Spring 2015

The collection skewed dressy, though in a moody vein heightened by gritty prints resembling crumpled paper or…

Marios Schwab Resort 2015

The designer took a sartorial approach to resort with looks that played on the codes of men’s tailoring.

Marios Schwab RTW Fall 2014

They were short and vaguely A-line, kitten heels and blunt haircuts telegraphing a Sixties London vibe at…

Marios Schwab RTW Spring 2014

“Luxury, but at the same time cool and sporty,” the designer said backstage.

Marios Schwab Resort 2014

The collection started with broken-and-stapled-back-together porcelain pieces found in London’s Victoria…

Marios Schwab RTW Fall 2013

This cohesive collection of sculpted tailoring showcased the designer's light touch and clean lines.

Marios Schwab RTW Spring 2013

The tribal-themed show opened on a strong note with a filmy burgundy dress.

Marios Schwab Resort 2013

The designer said he wanted to play with the idea of "the irresistible” with his resort collection.

Marios Schwab RTW Fall 2012

The designer seduced with a luxurious collection that featured lots of layering, texture and sparkle.

Marios Schwab RTW Spring 2012

This darkly elegant collection was an arch, modern take on the femme fatales of film noir.

Marios Schwab RTW Fall 2011

The designer reined in experimentation to explore a more restrained and ladylike territory.

Marios Schwab RTW Spring 2011

Schwab offered up body-hugging dresses with tattoo prints and mystic symbols such as pentagrams and pyramids.

Marios Schwab RTW Fall 2010

Schwab mined his Austrian heritage for inspiration, playing with the traditional dirndl: A pinafore dress…

Marios Schwab RTW Spring 2010

This ultra-feminine collection - inspired by Victorian ladies, flappers, and Greek goddesses - looked tricky…

Marios Schwab RTW Fall 2009

Crystal fissures, Rodin's sculptures and Thierry Mugler were just some of the references in this masterful…