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Marissa Webb Pre-Fall 2020

Marissa Webb isn't your average minimalist.

Marissa Webb RTW Spring 2020

In a brand reset, Marissa Webb is focusing on smaller capsules and tighter brand offerings.

Marissa Webb Resort 2020

Webb has really honed in on evolving classics for the MW universe with pieces she would personally wear.

Marissa Webb RTW Fall 2019

Titled "Muses + Icons," Marissa Webb's fall collection sought to reinvent core styles with new little twists.

Marissa Webb Pre-Fall 2019

Webb opted to focus on her passions in order to hit reset and deliver on seasonless clothes for a casual…

Marissa Webb RTW Spring 2019

Webb looked to markets around the world to inform the collection's upbeat color and attitude.

Marissa Webb Resort 2019

This season began with a deep dive into Google and an image of an effeminate male wearing a bleached jumper…

Marissa Webb RTW Fall 2018

The collection placed feminine twists on Ivy League fashion.

Marissa Webb Pre-Fall 2018

A vintage nautical jacket owned by Webb's grandfather inspired the first sketch.

Marissa Webb RTW Spring 2018

Travel inspired a softer, more carefree tone.

Marissa Webb Resort 2018

Webb expanded on playful shirting for a Tulum getaway.

Marissa Webb RTW Fall 2017

Marissa Webb combined the DIY'd vintage wardrobe of her past with a French Moroccan influence.

Marissa Webb Pre-Fall 2017

The collection was a project of passion featuring her favorite things, instead of one trying to cover the…

Marissa Webb RTW Spring 2017

Marissa Webb continued to offer her girl a calculated fashion formula: feminine meets masculine.

Marissa Webb Resort 2017

The designer offered flirtatious dresses and ruffled details that could go from beach to brunch.