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Markus Lupfer RTW Fall 2019

Lupfer celebrated his brand's 20th year with bright fluorescent colors and playful oversized accessories.

Markus Lupfer RTW Spring 2019

A charmingly feminine riposte to the prevalence of streetwear that Lupfer has observed dominating runways of…

Markus Lupfer Resort 2019

The resort collection was all about the mix-and-match and yin-and-yang elements.

Markus Lupfer RTW Fall 2018

Lupfer said his effortless cool girl — who likes to throw odd combinations together — is more grown-up this…

Markus Lupfer Pre-Fall 2018

The designer gave knitwear a real push, with new textures, patterns and silhouettes.

Markus Lupfer RTW Spring 2018

Cheerfully decadent, the designer's collection was an homage to the hedonistic girl, in love with excess.

Markus Lupfer Resort 2018

Inspiration came from many directions — with dashes of glam rock, Forties bathing beauties and grandmotherly…

Markus Lupfer RTW Fall 2017

Lupfer blended the feminine with the masculine, looking to influences as diverse the Arctic Circle and…

Markus Lupfer Men’s Fall 2017

Markus Lupfer played with contrasts for his men's fall range clashing fabrics and aesthetics, from tailoring…

Markus Lupfer Pre-Fall 2017

Markus Lupfer mixed references from punk to military and rodeo to create a collection of contrasts.

Markus Lupfer RTW Spring 2017

Youthful rebellion met with elements of British heritage in Markus Lupfer's magpielike mix.

Markus Lupfer Resort 2017

Markus Lupfer looked to the jungle for a "pretty-meets-tough" collection.

Markus Lupfer Men’s Spring 2017

Markus Lupfer took his cue from a tropical safari for this casual, layered lineup.

Markus Lupfer RTW Fall 2016

There was a rich, bohemian – and dreamy - quality to this collection.

Markus Lupfer Pre-Fall 2016

Markus Lupfer was feeling romantic, with a collection that stood out for its feminine details and folk spirit.