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Martin Grant RTW Fall 2012

The designer said his mostly monochrome collection was inspired by Britain’s Teddy Boys of the Fifties.

Martin Grant RTW Spring 2012

This dress-centric collection was all about graphic impact.

Martin Grant RTW Spring 2012


Martin Grant RTW Fall 2011

Come fall, the designer’s girls will be getting a heavy dose of Seventies urbane glamour in their…

Martin Grant RTW Fall 2010

Martin Grant’s wardrobe went from mannish wool coats, clean leather bustier dresses and tweedy tops with…

Martin Grant RTW Spring 2010

Offering a Spring lineup with retro flair, Martin Grant’s perfectly cut cocktail dresses.

Martin Grant RTW Fall 2009

Subtle but strong architectural looks, such as a black coat that was structured at the hip, added a new note…

Martin Grant RTW Spring 2009

In a serene mood, Martin Grant focused on long and slim or tulip-shaped halterneck creations for his spring…

Martin Grant RTW Fall 2008

Offering neat tailoring with a twist...