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Matty Bovan RTW Fall 2023

"Hand-drawn, hand-touched, mistakes ... infused with the dirty, worn, and over-dyed," was how Matty Bovan…

Matty Bovan RTW Spring 2023

A much-needed jolt of creativity defined this maximalist spring collection.

Matty Bovan RTW Fall 2022

It was a collection of Americana through Bovan's kaleidoscope eyes.

Matty Bovan RTW Spring 2022

Bovan took domesticity as a theme for spring, and spun it into a wild, gender-free collection that was busy…

Matty Bovan RTW Fall 2021

DIY Matty Bovan focused on where materials were sourced from for his fall collection.

Matty Bovan RTW Spring 2021

Bovan pulled together a wild, and sometimes wonderful, spring collection inspired by his love of Ye Olde…

Matty Bovan RTW Fall 2020

Bovan delivered a loud, joyful concoction of rich textures, loud colors and larger-than-life silhouettes.

Matty Bovan RTW Spring 2020

Matty Bovan dialled down the heat for spring with a collection that was uncharacteristically subdued, with…

Matty Bovan RTW Fall 2019

Bovan has been making big — multicolored — waves in London, with his larger-than-life designs bolstered by…

Matty Bovan RTW Spring 2019

The designer said he took inspiration from Eighties filmmaker Derek Jarman and wanted to telegraph a message…

Matty Bovan RTW Fall 2018

Taking the step to a fully-fledged solo designer seems to have imbued Bovan with a new confidence.