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Merlette Resort 2023

Resort continued to offer an evolution of Marina Cortbawi's thoughtful approach to easily wearable designs.

Merlette Pre-Fall 2022

The Merlette collection offered an evolution of signature styles with a focus on delicate hand-embroideries…

Merlette Resort 2022

“Normally we’d do physical research, which we were still able to do in terms of vintage and archive, but we…

Merlette Pre-Fall 2021

Inspired by the pre-Raphaelite period, Marina Cortbawi designed a rich and romantic pre-fall collection with…

Merlette RTW Spring 2021

With her first spring collection, Merlette Designer Marina Cortbawi is also expanding into accessories with…

Merlette Pre-Fall 2020

Marina Cortbawi's craftsmanship and dedication to consistency was successful once again within her largest…

Merlette Resort 2020

Marina Cortbawi's evolution into more evening offerings stole the show for Merlette's Collection 7.

Merlette Pre-Fall 2019

Designer Marina Cortbawi focused on building out the wardrobe of her Merlette customer, while designing…

Merlette Resort 2019

Designer Marina Cortbawi offered a line of roomy cotton silhouettes, with thoughtful details.

Merlette Pre-Fall 2018

Designer Marina Cortbawi has been continuing to focus on staying true to Merlette's brand DNA of airy, cotton…

Merlette Resort 2018

The collection's easy aesthetic was finished with elevated details for evening.

Merlette Pre-Fall 2017

Collection 2 continues the vein of minimal and effortless design from last year's debut.