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Michael Bastian Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Although the inspiration was Southern California, Michael Bastian's spring collection still offered up his…

Michael Bastian Men’s RTW Fall 2015

The designer’s novelty cashmeres were out in force.

Michael Bastian Men’s RTW Fall 2014

For fall, the designer culled from his recent trips to Japan.

Michael Bastian Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Bastian was inspired by a series of classic French films, like “The Red Balloon” and “The Dreamers,” that he…

Michael Bastian Men’s RTW Fall 2013

Bastian's preppy guy took a trip to the Lower East Side this season, with a burst of Goth and grunge…

Michael Bastian Men’s RTW Spring 2013

A louche elegance pervaded the lavender sport coats, berry-hued chinos and artfully frayed corduroy shorts.

Michael Bastian Men’s RTW Fall 2012

This season, Bastian played up a masculine-feminine theme.

Michael Bastian Men’s Spring 2012

The designer has a well-honed merchant’s eye and there were plenty of retail-friendly pieces across lots of…

Michael Bastian RTW Spring 2011

The easiest route to scuba-theme overkill is neoprene, but Bastian made the point and swiftly moved on.

Michael Bastian Men’s RTW Fall 2010

Despite some confusing missteps, Michael Bastian's collection retained what people love about it: color…

Michael Bastian RTW Spring 2010

Michael Bastian’s first seated runway show represented a big leap in terms of brand marketing, and it was a…

Michael Bastian RTW Fall 2009

The cheerfully preppy wardrobe Bastian is known for ceded by varying degrees to a Nineties grunge look more…