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Michael Kors RTW Fall 2023

Fashion has come back around to the master of modern minimalism.

Michael Kors RTW Fall 2022

Kors leaned into what he does best, classic tailoring for dressing up during day, draped and asymmetrically…

Michael Kors RTW Spring 2022

Kors willed the world to put on a happy face with a runway romance of clean, American classics.

Michael Kors Fall 2021 Is a Broadway Smash

The collection made one long for the performance of dressing up for an opening night, or any night really.

Michael Kors Collection RTW Spring 2021

The designer showed a collection of high-function luxury, one the designer said is right for now and 10 years…

Michael Kors Collection RTW Fall 2020

For fall, the designer returned to his haute sportswear roots, full of cozy dressing classics, timeless…

Michael Kors Collection Pre-Fall 2020

Michael Kors looked westward -- and backward, into his own archive of timeless chic.

Michael Kors Collection RTW Spring 2020

Michael Kors' spring line mixed nautical style, stars and stripes, Forties Hollywood and a preppy-punk spirit…

Michael Kors Collection Resort 2020

Michael Kors took a philosophical approach to resort, seeking harmony in discord — and good clothes.

Michael Kors Collection RTW Fall 2019

Michael Kors delivered the feel-good moment of fashion week with a nostalgic romp through the Seventies.

Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2019

The whole collection viewed the Seventies through Kors' rose-colored glasses.

Michael Kors Collection RTW Spring 2019

Michael Kors had something for everyone in his ebullient spring collection, which had colors and patterns…

Michael Kors Resort 2019

In this casual age, Michael Kors wants women to "not be afraid of beautiful things." His solution for resort…

Michael Kors RTW Pre-Fall 2018

He channeled modern eclecticism.

Michael Kors RTW Fall 2018

For fall, Michael Kors designed a collection of "favorite things," the go-to pieces that his clients will…