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Miharayasuhiro RTW Spring 2016

Jackets, denim and knitwear, with an emphasis on details, were at the heart of Mihara Yasuhiro's updated…

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Mihara Yasuhiro gleaned inspiration from Ram Dass’ spiritual book “Be Here Now” and hobos of the early 20th…

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Though it nodded to the past, the designer's collection felt fresh and inventive.

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Mihara Yasuhiro fused Mod elements with Japanese tradition in a collection strong on outerwear.

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Prints took center stage at the Japanese designer's manga-inspired collection.

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Fall 2013

This polished collection put the modern suit front and center.

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Spring 2013

The collection was inspired by David Lynch’s “Wild at Heart”.

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Fall 2012

The designer's restrained use of military reference and sly fusions of East-meets-West elements looked…

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Fall 2011

Inspired by Oscar Wilde, Mihara Yasuhiro’s quiet collection put a laidback spin on 19th-century silhouettes…

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Spring 2011

The big outdoors and nods to Americana fueled Mihara Yasuhiro’s poetic collection.

Miharayasuhiro RTW Fall 2010

Designer Yasuhiro Mihara turned out refined collection with a post-punk vibe.

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Fall 2010

This beatnik-inspired lineup included a trench coat sporting trompe l’oeil photo prints of wrinkled…

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Spring 2010

Miharayasuhiro delivered billowing tent silhouettes, elongated tailoring and weathered military-inspired…

Miharayasuhiro Men’s RTW Fall 2009

Mihara Yasuhiro led a cool, East-meets-West sartorial trek that included everything from hooded anoraks to…