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Missoni Men’s Spring 2022

The brand's founder, Ottavio "Tai" Missoni, inspired the aesthetic and the spirit of a cool, unpretentious…

Missoni Resort 2022

For his debut as creative director of the brand, Alberto Caliri introduced the concept of "urban pleasure…

Missoni RTW Fall 2021

Street and sporty elements gave a cool, urban twist to the brand's collection, infused with a young, fresh…

Missoni Pre-Fall 2021

Angela Missoni deed dived into leisurewear, but she couldn't renounce a touch of sexy glamour.

Missoni Men’s Fall 2021

Angela Missoni played with the brand's knitwear expertise to deliver a functional, casual city wardrobe.

Missoni RTW Spring 2021

Missoni unveiled a concise collection, where the brand's signature graphic and colorful aesthetic found a…

Missoni RTW Fall 2020

Angela Missoni drew on the power of geometry for her fall collection.

Missoni Men’s Fall 2020

The bold look of jazz icon Miles Davis inspired this luxurious, charming collection.

Missoni Pre-Fall 2020

Angela Missoni embraced a new sense of lightness and sophisticated ease which felt charming and lovely.

Missoni RTW Spring 2020

Missoni handed out Little Sun solar lamps, designed by Olafur Eliasson, to guests, while models carried them…

Missoni Men’s Spring 2020

The effortless elegance of Serge Gainsbourg in the Seventies inspired Angela Missoni's vibrant collection.

Missoni Resort 2020

Angela Missoni updated the brand's signature graphic aesthetic with exotic and tribal touches.

Missoni RTW Fall 2019

Clean and streamlined silhouettes steal the spotlight on the brand's fall catwalk.

Missoni Men’s Fall 2019

The sculptures of contemporary artist Anton Alvarez served as inspiration for the abstract motifs peppering…

Missoni Pre-Fall 2019

The brand brought its knitwear exploration to the next level introducing a new offering of versatile and…