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Missoni RTW Fall 2017

Though Angela Missoni handed out pink pussy hats at her show, most of the clothes didn't track as political…

Missoni Men’s Fall 2017

Angela Missoni offered a luxury, chic take on the athletic trend.

Missoni Pre-Fall 2017

Angela Missoni showed her pre-fall collection in her Madison Avenue store.

Missoni RTW Spring 2017

Angela Missoni simplified shapes and went big on color and texture.

Missoni Men’s Spring 2017

A trip to Guatemala was on Angela Missoni's mind as she conceived her collection, mimicking Guatemalan…

Missoni Resort 2017

Angela Missoni focused on a Seventies look and a patchwork of the brand's signature motifs.

Missoni RTW Fall 2016

Angela Missoni demonstrated her house's world-class knitwear know-how in a way that was fresh, distinctive…

Missoni Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Angela Missoni wrapped her bohemian voyagers in chunky, fringed scarves and flawy blankets.

Missoni Pre-Fall 2016

As usual, vibrant patterns were the key to Missoni's pre-fall collection.

Missoni RTW Spring 2016

Angela Missoni's spring offering was speedy, sporty and simple in attitude with nearly the entire lineup…

Missoni Men’s RTW Spring 2016

With India on her mind, Angela Missoni offered a bright and exotic proposal for spring, bathed in rich, spicy…

Missoni Resort 2016

For resort, Angela Missoni used vivid prints and signature graphics to give a chic, fresh attitude to simple…

Missoni RTW Fall 2015

Angela Missoni's fall collection was for "the neo-body-conscious Missoni woman," all knit up in tight…

Missoni Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Angela Missoni took inspiration from the Trans-Siberian-Manchurian rail line for fall.

Missoni Pre-Fall 2015

Creative director Angela Missoni interrupted the rigorous geometries of the brand’s signature multicolor…