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Missoni RTW Spring 2015

Breezy, bright and optimistic. For spring, Angela Missoni worked the trifecta with vibrant clothes that…

Missoni Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Angela Missoni said she was still following her “beloved surfer” this season, “only now I’m following him on…

Missoni Resort 2015

Angela Missoni played on the brand’s signature graphic motifs, juxtaposing bold, summery colors with…

Missoni RTW Fall 2014

“A very feminine girl in men’s oversize outerwear” is how Angela Missoni described fall.

Missoni Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Angela Missoni thought up a collection referencing, as she put it, “wayfaring surfers riding their tidal wave…

Missoni Pre-Fall 2014

Ornithology served as a starting point for Angela Missoni’s pre-fall collection.

Missoni RTW Spring 2014

Angela Missoni worked the four elements — water, earth, fire, air — for some bold pattern play.

Missoni Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Angela Missoni has found a fresh approach to her family’s artisanal knitwear, introducing a new loom knit…

Missoni Resort 2014

The mood was chic and cool, with clothes that included a girly striped cotton-knit minidress with accordion…

Missoni RTW Fall 2013

Angela Missoni stretched the house’s knitwear legacy into a lounge-y direction for fall.

Missoni Men’s RTW Fall 2013

The house decided to go on with its men's show despite the tragedy of the missing Vittorio Missoni.

Missoni Pre-Fall 2013

Men’s wear served as an inspiration for creative director Angela Missoni.

Missoni RTW Spring 2013

Angela Missoni reimagined the label’s cornerstone knits through interesting plays with layering and…

Missoni Men’s RTW Spring 2013

As intricate as antique ethnic throws, the house’s fine, patterned loom knits looked as though they had been…

Missoni Resort 2013

Angela Missoni found inspiration in Chinese porcelain and British pottery as she designed her fresh, feminine…