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Molly Goddard RTW Spring 2022

"I imagined the clothes my child would wear, and I was fixated on smocked dresses, tracksuit bottoms and…

Molly Goddard RTW Fall 2021

The designer is thinking much more commercially - and sustainably - than ever.

Molly Goddard RTW Spring 2021

The collection was full of clashing color and texture, newness.

Molly Goddard RTW Fall 2020

Goddard toned down the grandeur of her Scarlett O'Hara proportions with chunky soled shoes, and brightly…

Molly Goddard RTW Spring 2020

"I was just looking back to the designs that I liked the most over the past five years — even my failed M.A…

Molly Goddard RTW Fall 2019

Molly Goddard slimmed down her fantastical tulle and taffeta dresses to great effect and paired them with…

Molly Goddard RTW Spring 2019

Goddard experimented with new fabrics and silhouettes, giving her audience enough new material to get excited…

Molly Goddard RTW Fall 2018

Goddard stepped into new territory for fall, highlighting the uninhibited attitude she wants to be known for.

Molly Goddard RTW Spring 2018

There was a self-assured, womanly air to Molly Goddard's collection.

Molly Goddard RTW Fall 2017

Warning: Molly Goddard is a big believer in fantasy frocks that can shine on a runway but are pretty much…

Molly Goddard RTW Spring 2017

The designer pumped up her baby-doll aesthetic by working tulle in rave-worthy, fluorescent shades for her…

Molly Goddard RTW Fall 2016

Molly Goddard's Fall collection was an investigation of modern couture she said – exploring new fabrics…

Molly Goddard RTW Spring 2016

One of London's rising talents, Molly Goddard let loose her love of smocking, ruching and ruffles on…

Molly Goddard RTW Fall 2015

Goddard's presentation put a smile on everyone's lips — not least because there was a naked man on set.