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Mônot RTW Spring 2023

Eli Mizrahi's vision is very straightforward — if you have a banging body, he will make you look good on the…

Mônot Pre-Fall 2022

Mônot designer Eli Mizrahi infused architectural elements into his continually sleek and sexy garments.

Mônot RTW Spring 2022

Eli Mizrahi's black and white spring effort looked effortless and sensual.

Mônot Resort 2022

Resort emulated a steady evolution of Eli Mizrahi's signature sexy, architectural elan.

Mônot RTW Fall 2021

Mônot's "Collection 003" runway film features actress Tiffany Haddish and a stellar model cast powerfully…

Mônot RTW Spring 2021

Designed for the Mônot, "strong, opinionated female," Eli Mizrahi's constant, strong point of view and…