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Moschino RTW Spring 2022

The collection was a throwback to the nursery (and perhaps, the '90s rave scene), but short on ideas and wit.

Moschino Resort 2022

"Lightning Strikes" features model-turned-songstress Karen Elson dolled up as a waitress in a jukebox diner…

Moschino RTW Fall 2021

Jeremy Scott wanted to "flip the switch" on the campy 1939 film "The Women."

Moschino Men’s Fall 2021

Jeremy Scott treated men's staples as white canvases that he panted with colorful brushstrokes.

Moschino RTW Spring 2021

Grounded in L.A., Jeremy Scott turned to Jim Henson's Creature Shop to bring his Moschino collection to life…

Moschino RTW Fall 2020

Marie Antoinette was Jeremy Scott's muse this season.

Moschino Pre-Fall 2020

Jeremy Scott added loads of panache, flare and personality to his New York City-based Moschino show.

Moschino RTW Spring 2020

Fashion's pop provocateur flirted with fine art this season, taking inspiration from Pablo Picasso's…

Moschino RTW Fall 2019

Jeremy Scott created his own "Price Is Right"-style game show as a backdrop for his fall 2019 Moschino…

Moschino Pre-Fall 2019

Jeremy Scott celebrated legendary Italian film director Federico Fellini with a great show held at Roman…

Moschino RTW Spring 2019

Jeremy Scott's seasonal gag was the speed of the fashion system — so fast he barely had time to finish the…

Moschino Resort 2019 and Men’s Spring/Summer 2019

For his third Moschino show in his hometown of Los Angeles, Scott went to the circus — literally — creating a…

Moschino RTW Fall 2018

This wasn't just any old kitschy time capsule collection. Scott concocted out of his own obsession with…

Moschino Men’s Fall 2018

The inclusive show played out like a tug-of-war for the clothes, blurring gender lines.

Moschino RTW Spring 2018

Bikers. Ballerinas. My Little Pony. Gigi Hadid as a human bouquet. Moschino was full of characters.