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N. Hoolywood Men’s Spring 2022

Daisuke Obana unveiled his latest Compile collection through a digital app in partnership with Japanese…

N. Hoolywood Men’s Fall 2021

Daisuke Obana returns with the second release for his two extension lines N. Hoolywood Compile and N…

N.Hoolywood Men’s Spring 2021

Spring featured the release of two separate collections for the brand.

N. Hoolywood Men’s Fall 2020

The designer offered up a minimalistic, tailored collection.

N. Hoolywood Men’s Spring 2020

Daisuke Obana always has a way of injecting drama into even the simplest of show formats.

N.Hoolywood Men’s Fall 2019

The designer offered up a wearable collection of brightly colored options.

N. Hoolywood Men’s Spring 2019

Designer Daisuke Obana was inspired by Arizona.

N. Hoolywood Men’s Fall 2018

The designer offered his youthful take on true workwear.

N. Hoolywood Men’s Spring 2018

The latest offering boasted a tone of quiet sophistication with a classic American undercurrent.

N. Hoolywood Men’s Fall 2017

The aesthetic resulted in skillful layering of multiple jackets, puffers, sweaters worn as scarves, and the…

N.Hoolywood Men’s Spring RTW 2017

For Daisuke Obana's spring collection, the ocean served as the main source of ideas.

N.Hoolywood Men’s RTW Fall 2016

The unsettled weather patterns in New York City were the driving force behind designer Daisuke Obana's…

N.Hoolywood Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Designer Daisuke Obana's take on active-influenced items felt less conventional.

N.Hoolywood Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Daisuke Obana's visit to the Colorado ski town of Vail proved to be a defining moment for the designer.

N.Hoolywood Men’s RTW Spring 2015

The lineup was full of street and athletic influences including technical outerwear, graphic sweatshirts and…