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Namacheko Men’s Spring 2023

Designer Dilan Lurr is taking the long view on imperialism and filtering it through a modern lens.

Namacheko Men’s Spring 2022

Designer Dilan Lurr brought together Kurdish elements, "Star Wars" and clothing he didn't like for a…

Namacheko Men’s Fall 2021

Dilan Lurr paid homage to his Antwerp training, peppering the lineup with art references.

Namacheko Men’s Fall 2020

The 2020 Woolmark Prize finalists featured the surrealist suburbia captured by American photographer Gregory…

Namacheko Men’s Spring 2020

Dilan Lurr's conceptually interesting lineup was inspired by Godfrey Reggio's 1982 film "Koyaanisqatsi."

Namacheko Men’s Fall 2019

Dilan Lurr's silhouettes hummed with repressed energy, telling the story of creative minds struggling to fit…

Namacheko Men’s Spring 2019

Brother-and-sister team Dilan and Lezan Lurr delved deeper into their Kurdish heritage for the collection.

Namacheko Men’s Fall 2018

Brother-and-sister team Dilan and Lezan Lurr delivered a streamlined collection for fall.

Namacheko Men’s Spring 2018

Self-taught brother and sister duo Dilan and Lezan Lurr keep their collection simple, with a dash of…