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Nanushka RTW Fall 2023

This collection was about shape-shifting.

Nanushka Resort 2023

The way the body "can adapt and change so fast" during pregnancy made Sandra Sandor appreciate the beauty in…

Nanushka RTW Fall 2022

While exploring its Bauhaus-inspired roots for fall, Hungarian label Nanushka is setting up programs to help…

Nanushka RTW Spring 2022

The collection centers around the idea of seeking balance and finding harmony through self-discovery.

Nanushka Resort 2022

This collection also includes Nanushka's first beachwear range in vibrant colors and a boxy vegan leather…

Nanushka RTW Fall 2021

An optimistic collection filled with exaggerated proportions, tactile details and cozy silhouettes.

Nanushka Pre-Fall 2021

Sandra Sandor wanted to meld her flair for minimalism with a more surrealist, experimental aesthetic.

Nanushka Resort 2021

Sandra Sandor's "Human/Nature" resort collection for Nanushka offered stellar, sustainable fashion.

Nanushka RTW Fall 2020

Sandra Sandor elevated her signature look with a mix of grunge and bourgeois references.

Nanushka Pre-Fall 2010

Hungarian designer Sandra Sandor infused Nanushka's signature modern bohemian with Nineties minimalism for…

Nanushka RTW Spring 2020

Inspired by Mediterranean summers, Sandra Sandor delivered a collection filled with straight-forward…

Nanushka Men’s Spring 2020

Sandra Sandor's second men's collection featured pieces from Nanushka's best-selling vegan leather range…

Nanushka RTW Fall 2019

Nanushka designer Sandra Sandor debuted a stellar menswear lineup to accompany her seventies- and…

Nanushka Pre-Fall 2019

Sandra Sandor's pre-fall collection for Nanushka introduced textures and prints influenced by Seventies…

Nanushka RTW Spring 2019

Always finding new ways to infuse an East-Meets-West sensibility, the basis of her Hungarian upbringing…