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Nathan Jenden RTW Spring 2011

Inspired by the 1978 movie “The Wiz,” the designer played with color and prints.

Nathan Jenden RTW Fall 2010

There were enough animal references to fill Noah’s Ark as models - who came out two by two – were decked in…

Nathan Jenden RTW Spring 2010

Pigment shades and references to Hindu god Krishna made for a vivid collection — sometimes too much so.

Nathan Jenden RTW Fall 2009

The designer took an experimental approach with ultra-sharp cutting and pleating in an exclusively black and…

Nathan Jenden RTW Spring 2009

Eighties power dressing — and the playful fluorescent colors of the decade — were Jenden’s inspirations for…

Nathan Jenden RTW Fall 2008

Dressed as geisha, Pierrots and Tudor ladies, Nathan Jenden's girls flocked to a decadent masquerade ball...