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The Lil Yachty Collection by Nautica Holiday 2017

Lil Yachty has injected some new energy into heritage brand.

Nautica Men’s Fall 2017

"We went into the archive and...kept the spirit of what was being done at the time," creative director Steve…

Nautica Men’s RTW Spring 2017

The love affair between Nautica and the seafaring life continued to move ahead under men's creative director…

Nautica Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Designer Steve McSween said he sought to "make an elegant mark with nautical references fused throughout."

Nautica Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Under the direction of new men's designer Steve McSween, the brand offered up a presentation that focused on…

Black Sail by Nautica Men’s RTW Fall 2014

With this collection, Chris Cox has found the right balance between fashion and the brand's heritage, all…

Black Sail by Nautica Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Designer Chris Cox kept a laser focus on the company's heritage, as most of the collection would be apropos…

Nautica Men’s RTW Fall 2013

Returning to the runway to celebrate the brand's 30th anniversary, creative director Chris Cox delivered a…

Nautica Men’s RTW Spring 2013

The array of tailored clothing, sportswear and swim was nicely styled on a phalanx of recognizable male…

Nautica Men’s RTW Fall 2012

Chris Cox delivered a much cleaner, more upgraded version of the brand without neglecting its heritage.

Nautica Men’s Spring 2012

Chris Cox noted he was particularly influenced by a recent trip to Monterey, Calif., resulting in coral…

Nautica Men’s RTW Fall 2011

Designer Chris Cox injected a new sophistication into the brand.

Nautica Men’s RTW Spring 2011

This collection keeps getting slimmer and brighter under designer Chris Cox.