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Ne-Net RTW Spring 2015

A runway made of tatami mats set the stage for Kazuaki Takashima's spring collection.

Né-Net RTW Fall 2014

Staying true to the label's penchant for playful, quirky clothes, designer Kazuaki Takashima tapped into…

Ne-net RTW Spring 2014

Kazuaki Takashima took his brand on an outdoorsy romp this season.

Ne-net RTW Spring 2013

Models floated down the switch-back runway as if in a trance, wearing knit masks and headdresses that…

Ne-net RTW Fall 2012

Never a brand known for its subtly, the designer turned out yet another wacky collection rife with animal…

Né-net RTW Spring 2012

Kazuaki Takashima kept things youthful this season, rolling out scout uniforms, rugby shirts and varsity…