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Nehera Resort 2022

The Slovak label proved that spartanism need not be austere.

Nehera Pre-Fall 2019

Nehera took inspiration from the artist's smock, delivering a practical yet feminine spin on workwear.

Nehera RTW Spring 2019

Nehera marched a military drill for spring.

Nehera Resort 2019

The label offered a reprieve from the frenzy of modern life with an oxygen-infused lineup of earthy-tinged…

Nehera RTW Fall 2018

Nehera's cozy offering for fall, built from layer upon layer of protective fabrics like wool, shearling…

Nehera Pre-Fall 2018

The Bratislava-based label brought a traditional Eastern European flavor to its contemporary and earthy…

Nehera RTW Spring 2018

The collection reflected what the house is known for: roomy, layered, versatile silhouettes for the…

Nehera Resort 2018

In its first collection since the departure of Samuel Drira, the brand presented streamlined outfits…

Nehera RTW Fall 2017

The collection felt a little overcomplicated at times, but there were some great elements.

Nehera Pre-Fall 2017

Samuel Drira's multifunctional approach to dressing was less literal for pre-fall, with a pared-back…

Nehera RTW Spring 2017

Samuel Drira kept up with East-meets-West deconstruction while showing new ways to wear go-to staples.

Nehera Resort 2017

The collection had a compelling East-meets-West air.

Nehera RTW Fall 2016

Samuel Drira is quickly gaining a following with his quietly chic approach, anchored in enveloping yet…

Nehera Pre-Fall 2016

Samuel Drira, the creative director behind the Slovakia-based label's resurrection, is doing a good job…

Nehera RTW Spring 2016

Samuel Drira used a palette of mostly white, cream and beige hues worked in softly sculpted silhouettes.