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Neil Barrett Men’s Spring 2023

Here was military-inflected garb for summer heat.

Neil Barrett Men’s Fall 2022

The designer referenced uniforms via subtle details for a contemporary and sartorial savvy collection.

Neil Barrett Men’s Spring 2022

The brand presented a cool, immediate and fun collection, which felt in line with the needs of the digital…

Neil Barrett Men’s Spring 2021

Neil Barrett streamlined his offering for summer, exploring the concept of uniforms for modern men.

Neil Barrett Fall 2020

In this co-ed show Barrett married puffers with tailoring, spliced trench coats with leather jackets, and…

Neil Barrett Men’s Spring 2020

The designer paid ode to youth in the graphic, boyish, street-inspired collection featuring a collaboration…

Neil Barrett Men’s Fall 2019

The result was a refined, sophisticated outing that blended military styles, animal prints and clean-edged…

Neil Barrett Men’s Spring 2019

The designer set out to explore the notion of contemporary masculinity, with the collection's emblem a…

James Harden, P.J. Tucker Take in Neil Barrett Show

Harden said a potential collaboration with Barrett is being discussed, although he declined to reveal details.

Neil Barrett Men’s Fall 2018

The designer looked back to his role in establishing a new minimalist take on men's wear in the mid Nineties.

Neil Barrett Spring 2018

The designer dedicated the collection to Nineties minimalism.

Neil Barrett Men’s Fall 2017

The designer took his own Saint Martins' student uniform as the starting point.

Neil Barrett Pre-Fall 2017

Barrett put aside the overtly sporty references of his recent collections for classic tailoring from a…

Neil Barrett RTW Spring 2017

Neil Barrett's spring collection was a modernist, Italian-made ode to Americana.

Neil Barrett Men’s Spring 2017

Never one to hem and haw in fashion, Neil Barrett went whole hog for Seventies Americana.