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Nick Graham Men’s Spring 2019

The designer used a Cadillac concept car from 1959 as a centerpiece.

Nick Graham Men’s Fall 2018

The event was staged in a nightclub.

Nick Graham Men’s Spring 2018

The designer was inspired by the ocean and Atlantis.

Nick Graham Men’s Fall 2017

The designer trotted out a Mars-themed collection, complete with a couple of intergalactic luminaries…

Nick Graham Men’s RTW Spring 2017

Graham said this collection, his third time showing at men's fashion week, indicated an "evolution" for the…

Nick Graham Men’s RTW Fall 2016

While the presentation was amusing, the lack of diversity in classifications made the collection seem…

Nick Graham Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Nick Graham showcased an array of tailored clothing options that captured the spirit of the world traveler…