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Nicole Miller RTW Spring 2015

Inspiration from a far-flung locale can be counted on from the designer. For spring, the chosen locale was…

Nicole Miller Resort 2015

The designer looked at Sixties Hawaiian shirts for her inspiration this season.

Nicole Miller Bridal Spring 2015

The designer introduced 10 styles to her growing collection.

Nicole Miller RTW Fall 2014

Female warriors — particularly Boudica, queen of the Celtic tribe that took on the Romans — informed Nicole…

Nicole Miller Pre-Fall 2014

After spring’s romp through Versailles, the designer was feeling a little bohemian for pre-fall.

Nicole Miller Bridal Fall 2014

The designer focused on clean, linear shapes, venturing into long sleeves for the first time with a stunning…

Nicole Miller RTW Spring 2014

Rebels with a cause. The designer made such a statement in her show notes.

Nicole Miller Resort 2014

After a recent work-related trip to Phoenix, the designer was feeling for a desert landscape.

Nicole Miller Bridal Spring 2014

The designer prefers to cater to the no-fuss bride, keeping her silhouettes streamlined and free of frou.

Nicole Miller RTW Fall 2013

Raiding her boyfriend’s closet can afford a girl a pretty good wardrobe — if she pilfers selectively and adds…

Nicole Miller Bridal Fall 2013

The designer went the traditional route with embellished strapless dresses, delicate lace gowns and simple…

Nicole Miller RTW Spring 2013

Nicole Miller called her collection Batteries Not Included — a well-picked title, since there was hardly a…

Nicole Miller Resort 2012

Nicole Miller's recent trip to Belize with her son was on her mind this season.

Nicole Miller Bridal Spring 2013

The designer's brides will be wearing everything from easy, simple silhouettes to more embellished dresses…

Nicole Miller RTW Fall 2012

The designer Miller revisited the Seventies and nearly all the trends it had to offer.