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Nihl RTW Fall 2022

The queer nightlife sensibility continues to inform Neil Grotzinger's fall lineup.

Nihl Men’s Fall 2021

Designer Neil Grotzinger was particularly fascinated with the liminal space that exists between our current…

Nihl Men’s Spring 2021

The designer explored non-gender-conforming culture for his new line.

NIHL Men’s Fall 2020

The collection was inspired by queer references in horror films.

Nihl Men’s Spring 2020

NIHL's Neil Grotzinger continues to break the traditional rules of masculinity and push the conversation of…

Nihl Men’s Fall 2019

Designer Neil Grotzinger reinterpreted the wardrobe of a Midwestern American Gamer and constructed a…

Nihl Men’s Spring 2019

The designer broke the rules of authority figures.