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Nili Lotan Resort 2023

The designer seamlessly blended upscale classics with showstopping silk gowns and sequined jackets.

Nili Lotan Women and Men RTW Fall 2022

Lotan delivers evergreen pieces like turtlenecks pea coats, in luxury fabrications for both women and men.

Nili Lotan Pre-Fall 2022

Lotan muses on country versus city for pre-fall outing.

Nili Lotan RTW Spring 2022

Spring was a reflection of designer Nili Lotan's desire to offer luxe styles with an ultra-chic, yet…

Nili Lotan Resort 2022

Nili Lotan continued her "by city, by country" approach for resort; in either, her sleek looks felt ultra…

Nili Lotan RTW Fall 2021

"I tried to create pieces that are very special, that you emotionally satisfy by wearing them," the designer…

Nili Lotan Pre-Fall 2021

For pre-fall, designer Nili Lotan offered three stories in one while concentrating on special, luxury…

Nili Lotan RTW Spring 2021

Nili Lotan approached her latest collection as a "follow-up from pre-fall," with a fresh face for spring.

Nili Lotan Resort 2021

Nili Lotan's "less is better" re-shifted approach made her resort collection a success.

Nili Lotan RTW Fall 2020

Nili Lotan added a Parisian twist to her Seventies rock-inspired ethos for a strong collection that melded…

Nili Lotan Pre-Fall 2020

For pre-fall, Nili Lotan designed with a new approach and welcomed a collection full of essentials for the…

Nili Lotan RTW Spring 2020

Nili Lotan's Moroccan-influenced lineup of consistent day- and eveningwear made for a fresh spring collection.

Nili Lotan Resort 2020

Nili Lotan's modern rock-'n'-roll aesthetic got an embellished, festive update via the style and influence of…

Nili Lotan RTW Fall 2019

For fall, Nili Lotan melded smart, sophisticated dressing with her masculine-meets-feminine rock aesthetic.

Nili Lotan Pre-Fall 2019

The growth of Nili Lotan's business gave the designer a stronger push and the freedom to experiment with…