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No. 21 Men’s Fall 2019

After a sea of bright colors and a season of streetwear and logos, Alessandro Dell'Acqua served up a refined…

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2019

Winter maritime references were juxtaposed to sensual lingerie-inspired elements in this highly desirable…

No. 21 RTW Spring 2019

Tod's boss Diego Della Valle attended the show and hinted a collaboration was in the works.

No. 21 Men’s Spring 2019

The collection felt more mature and continental, with the No. 21 man shifting away from street.

No. 21 Resort 2019

Alessandro Dell'Acqua delivered a pretty collection of No. 21 signature staples reworked with a high-end…

No. 21 RTW Fall 2018

Alessandro Dell'Acqua put a somber spin on wholesome Americana with his ornate designs for No. 21.

No. 21 Men’s Fall 2018

An American inspiration met the Italian men's fashion tradition in this appealing collection of revisited…

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2018

Fifties and Sixties references blended with a contemporary, urban appeal in this covetable collection filled…

No. 21 RTW Spring 2018

Alessandro Dell'Acqua updated its signature hyperfeminine style with sporty and street references in this…

No. 21 Men’s Spring 2018

Alessandro Dell'Acqua delivered a sporty-chic collection inspired by Bruce Weber's pictures.

No. 21 RTW Resort 2018

The effortless sensuality of Alessandro Dell'Acqua's past collections injected a new spin into this versatile…

No. 21 RTW Fall 2017

Alessandro Dell'Acqua fused Americana with throwback Italian glamour.

No. 21 Men’s Fall 2017

The collection took as its starting point the student demonstrations in Milan and Paris in the early…

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2017

American sportswear met a typical Italian aesthetic in the upper contemporary label designed by founder…

No. 21 RTW Spring 2017

Alessandro Dell'Acqua's lavishly layered creations merged decorative fabrics with sporty elements.